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Louis Riel: Guilty or Not Guilty?Louis Riel: Some define him as a hero, others define him as a traitor.  Louis Riel was convicted of several treasonous acts. He was offered to plead insanity but refused to. Louis Riel was deemed guilty. This led to Louis Riel being hanged November 16, 1885. I believe Louis Riel was in fact guilty. Louis Riel organized the death of a man named Thomas Scott and also organized a rebellion that caused many people to lose their lives. Although Louis Riel did not physically kill anyone, he was still responsible for those whose lives we taken in the rebellion. Louis Riel fled to the U.S after the death of Thomas Scott. He also allegedly conspired with the U.S president about starting a war with the government. These acts make him guilty of treason. Treason is defined as someone who uses violence or force for the purpose of overthrowing the government. This sounds much like the North West Rebellion, doesn’t it? In Batoche, Louis Riel formed a provisional government to forcefully wring confessions from Ottawa. Not long after that, the mounted police and the métis fought on Beardy’s Reserve near Duck Lake. This was led by Louis Riel. This was the first step towards the rebellion. By rebelling they were starting a war within Canada. This is a form of treason, isn’t it? Not only were Louis Riel and the Métis starting a war, they were convincing others to join which is a form of treason. This is another reason that has led me to believe he was guilty. Throughout Louis Riel’s life, he started many rebellions, formed an illegal provisional government, fled to the U.S and killed countless innocent men. He had fled to the U.S because he had killed Thomas Scott and knew he had done something wrong. Louis Riel didn’t want to be held accountable for his very own actions so he fled to the U.S. Does that sound like a hero to you? Does Louis Riel sound like someone you would want to lead your country? If Louis Riel wasn’t guilty why would he have felt so compelled to flee Canada and conspire starting a war with the president?People may think that he was not guilty because he “fought for his people and stood up for them” but by fleeing his country he did not stand up for his people. He was willing to put his needs before people who depended on him. Louis Riel could have plead insanity but how possibly could a person whose mental state was declined lead over seven hundred people into a rebellion?Why should Louis Riel be pardoned for the deaths of many innocent men? If he should be pardoned for treasonous acts shouldn’t other people who commit acts of treason be pardoned? If Louis Riel was pardoned for rebelling against our government, it would be implying that anyone could rebel. 


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