Lots Anti-Semitic growth in Germany Hitler grew up

Lots of people don’t really see the whole picture of the WWII. All they see is that the Nazi wanted to kill jews, blah, blah, blah, the U.

S blows up two towns, the end. But there is more to that. World War two was a genocidal plot by the Nazi to alienate and eliminate the Jews. But to understand the whole picture read on.

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Anti-Semitic growth in Germany Hitler grew up in a an Anti-Semitic(hatred of jews) society in Austria so he was always anti-semitic. So when he grew older he wanted to run for president to spread his anti semitic views. Originally Hitler wasn’t getting a lot of votes for office. So he used scams saying that the jews are evil and that they’re trying to take over the world. A book by the name of The Protocols Of Zion especially helped the Nazi’s win presidency after the death of president Eisenhower. Also the fact that Germany’s government was failing also led people to believe Hitler was the one.

Nuremberg Laws After Germany voted Hitler as president he could now being his reign as the leader of the Third Reich.  Now Hitler had the power to do anything so he slowly started stripping the rights of the jews. Like making the Jews sell their businesses at a lower price than what was expected. Finally he wanted to stop marriages between Jews and Aryans. Aryans are people who have no Jewish lineage or any other lineage other than german.

You could have a jewish relative that’s distant but that won’t affect if you are an Aryan or not. These were called the Nuremberg Laws. The Law For The Protection of the Generic Health of the german people made it so that a medical certificate was needed before marriage and to racially test someone to see if they were Aryan.The law for the protection of german blood and Honor forbade Jews and germans to marry.

No jew was allowed to employ a domestic servant under the age of 45. Jews were not permitted to display the national flag. These laws were released in 1935.Concentration Camps And Death Camps HItler thought that the aryans were the master race so he sought out to fill these concentration camps with people he thought were “Subhuman.”(Ex.

Gypsies, Jews,criminal, communists, pows, and the mentally ill).Hitler than used these people as slaves for hard labour. Conditions in the Nazi camps were subpar and often lead to deaths. Many people who survived were sent to gas chambers for execution and did not live to tell the tale.

Dachau was the first camp to open in germany. 77,000 executed . 32,000 survivedBuchenwald was one of the biggest camps in Nazi Germany. 56,000 killed.    Medical experiments were also conducted here.

Mauthausen was a camp where prisoners worked at mines and quarries. 322,000 people lived hereAuschwitz was the largest camp. 2 to 4 million deaths by gassing and by other methods. Majdanek despite being a labour camp it claimed almost 80,000 lives.Bergen Belsen was originally meant to be pow camp 70,000 died there Survival Stories Some of the prisoners did survive and lived to tell the tale. One of those survivor’s name is David.S Wisnia . David is a  survivor of the holocaust and he is now 90 years old.

David spent upto 3 years in the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp. He recalls being tattooed at Auschwitz with his number. When he arrived his first job was to dump out the dead bodies from the gas chambers. One day his cell block leader asked who could sing and David could. So that made him a privileged prisoner. December,1944 Nazi’s began evacuating Auschwitz. The germans then brought the prisoners to Dachau.

Davis took the chance and escaped the camp to join the US army. WWII Ends After the u.s bombed hiroshima and nagasaki, japan surrendered and that lead to the fall of the Axis powers. Then the Treaty of versailles  was signed officially ending world war 2 On 8 May 1945.  A week later adolf hitler commited suicide. Then the Nuremberg trials were held during 1945-1946. The Nazi’s were charged for crimes against peace, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and planning to commit those charges.

12 nazis were found guilty and hanged.7 were given prison sentences, and the remainders were found “not guilty.” These trials were an attempt to punish the Nazi’s for the Holocaust, and to set set some humanitarian standards for the other countries. RemembranceThe living, the dead, the heroes, and the survivors are all honoured in the holocaust memorials all across the world.  They tell the tales of survivors, the Nazi, and  WW2. Millions of people are remembered each day. At the holocaust memorial in Washington D.

C you can light candles for all the people that died. There are many other places to remember the victims of WWII such as Auschwitz itself.   I salute all of the soldiers who fought for the rights of the jews, and risked their lives for them. I also salute the victims of the holocaust for trying to survive a torture chamber through confidence and optimism.


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