Loss Gogo ) found out he died of

Loss is an effective emotion shown throughout “The Heaven
Shop”. In this book, Binti, Kwasi, and Junie were the happiest children living in Malawi. They
all had outstanding personalities and excellent jobs, until everything went miserable. Binti lost
her mother and father to a very harmful disease called AIDS. AIDS is a disease caused by sexual
activity. Throughout Binti’s life, She lost her mother when she was only six years old.”She died,
she just died. She didn’t have AIDS ” ( Ellis 7 ). Binti lost her father ( Bambo ) recently in the
novel. Bambo was a very kind man who made coffins in is own shop to earn money for his
family. At first, the doctors believed that Bambo was infected with a disease called pneumonia.
Pneumonia is caused by bacteria, fungi or viruses which can lead to an infection in your lungs.
At the hospital “they started singing songs, songs of prayers and cries. Sometime during the
song, Bambo died on the spot” ( Ellis 62 ). During Bambo funeral, their grandmother ( Gogo )
found out he died of AIDS. Gogo told everyone, “That’s my son, the doctor told me, there were
AIDS in my boys’ blood ” ( Ellis 70 ) This affected the three siblings a lot in their life. Bambo
death of AIDS caused Juine to become more devastated and heartbroken in her life . Noel didn’t
marry Juine because he and his parents thought Juine could have aids too .” I am writing to
break off our engagement. My parents do not want me to marry into a family that has been
tainted with aids. I must respect their wishes ” – Noel ( Ellis 78 ). Juine had lost the love of her
life. Another disadvantage of Bambo having aids are the relatives. After Bambo death, Binti,
Kwasi, and Juine were separated to different relatives.


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