Lord They fail to stick together and work

Lord of the flies is a novel written by William Golding which was
published in 1954 a prize-winning   book. The author tells the story of British
boys who crashes on a deserted island and how they become savage, killing all
the innocence. They try to form a government for them, make rules to follow
until they get rescued by someone, they take part in different parts to help
each other, make fire as a signal for rescue, 
make shelters, search for food, 
and explore the forest to find the beast to kill it, but their fights
keep going on that they even kill some boys . They fail to stick together and
work together to get rescued.

The main character of this story is Ralph, the boy with fair hair,
handsome , and  confident. He is the oldest
boy among all the boys. Then piggy is introduced as his name says piggy a fat
boy with glasses showing an intelligence and he has asthma. They find an conch
shell and Ralph blows it all the other boys on the island gather together. Then
comes Jack Merridew, an aggressive boy with red hair, black clothes, and a
black cap with golden badge with his choir boys there. They decided to have a
chief, so they choose Ralph as there chief . 
To keep everyone happy Ralph makes Jack leaders of hunters. The older boys
Ralph, Jack, Simon, and some of the other boys went on an expedition and fount
that they are on an uninhabited island where there is no grown ups.

After coming back they held a meeting 
deciding to make fire as a signal and everyone took a duty. Jack said
his choir boys will take care of fire and he will hunt to bring meat. They went
on mountain top to make fire. Jack took Piggy’s glasses and made fire. Piggy
got angry and told them that they should make shelters first. He told them that
they did not make list of how many boys are there, so they don’t know. Also he
said one of the boys is already missing.

jack was hunting in the jungle, Ralph was making shelters for all the boys
there. Simon was the only boy who helped Ralph in making the shelter. No
one  helped in doing the works they were
supposed to, they were just enjoying themselves swimming in the beach. Even
Jack was not able to hunt any pigs and he came back free hands.

All the boys were on their daily works on the island. The ” littluns”  the youngest boy on the island were spending
their most of the times searching fruits to eat. While playing, even in the
absence of parental authority the boys had sense of being respectful to each
other. Piggy, who was considered as a outsider in among all the boys chose to
make a sundial. A ship passed from the island and did not stop there, because
the fire was burned out. Piggy blamed jack for he let the fire to burn out.

Jack punches on the face of piggy and breaks his one side of lens. Jack and his
hunt partners sings songs “kill the pig. Cut her throat”. For killing a pig they
performed a dance in which Maurice pretends to be the pig and  others to be 
pretending to attack him.

becomes worried about the behavior of the boys and appreciates the maturity of
piggy. He helds one more meeting in which he indicates the faults of the boys
for not helping with fire and building shelters. Ralph insists that the fire is
the most important on the island, because the fire was the only way of rescue.

Ralph also claimed that the only place where they should have  fire is mountaintop. Ralph  says that he is frightened but there is no reason
to be afraid. Then jack starts to yell and shout on the littuns for their fear
and not helping in any work like helping in hunting or building shelters. Jack
proclaims that there is no beasts, and some of the boys believes but Phil one
of the littuns says that he had a nightmare about beasts and when he woke up to
see if there is any beast and he says that he saw something moving in the
trees. Then Simon says that he may probably saw him because he was returning
back from the jungle. But the littuns began to worry about ghosts or
squids.  When Ralph was attempting to
assert the rules of order, Ralph and piggy fights once again. Then jack orderly
asks to Ralph if someone really even cares about the rules of order, and then
Ralph claims that the rules of orders is the only thing which they have. Jack
there decides to leave Ralph ,Piggy and Simon behind and go for hunt the beast.

Piggy says in the way of warning them that if 
the jack becomes the chief, no one would be able to be rescued.

On that night, during the battle, a pilot parachutes down on the
island. The pilot dies after parachuting on the island. The next morning, as
Sam and Eric the two twins were adding small sticks or twigs used for lighting
fires  to the fire, they claims the pilot
the beast by mistake. They quickly move down to the mountain and wakes up
Ralph. Jack calls for a hunt, but then Piggy claims that they should stay
together so that the beast will not be able to come near them. Jack claims that
conch is irrelevant. Ralph decides to join the hunters on their expedition to
find the beast , although his wish his wish rekindle the fire on the mountain.

When everyone reached the other side of the island , jack claims to build a
fort near the sea.

While hunter were searching for the beasts a boar attacks jack ,and
jack stabs him the boar and it runs away. The hunters go into their wild
behavior and start to sing/chant again saying that “kill the pig” once again.

Then suddenly Ralph realizes that Piggy and littuns remains back on the other
side of the mountain then Simon suggests that they should go back and tell the
piggy and littuns that the other boys can not come to that side back that
night. On that time Ralph realizes that jack hates him and he says it out to
him or confronts him that fact. Jack mocks that Ralph is frightened to go and
hunt. When the boys see what they believe to be the beast they run away.

returns to the shelter and then he told the piggy that they saw the beast, but
piggy was still in doubtful mood as if he still does not believes that there is
a beast. Ralph calls the hunting boys coward but Jack accuses him. Jack tells
all the boys to remove Ralph from leadership, but Ralph still gets the support
of boys . Jack runs from there crying . Piggy suggest to make a fire on beach
if they can not go to mountain top because of the beast and they survive if
they use common sense. Simon leaves and goes to his secret place. Jack claims
that he will the chief of hunters and they we go to other side of island to the
rock ford to have a feast there. Again Jack and hunters hunts a pig, smears the
blood on Maurice’s face and leaves pig’s head as an offering for the beast.

Jack invites all the boys to come, enjoy the hunting and have fun. All the boys
except Ralph and Piggy joins Jack.

Simon finds the pig’s head that was left for the beast. He calls it LORD OF THE
FLIES because of all the insects around. He sees pig’s head talking telling him
how foolish he and other boys are. Also he is insane. Pig’s head claims that he
is the beast and the beast could be hunted and killed. After that, Simon falls
and losses consciousness. Later when he got his consciousness back he ran down
to the mountain to tell the boys what he saw there and hat he found up there.

Ralph and Piggy were playing on the lagoon, thought of finding the other boys
to make sure that nothing wrong happens when they are pretending to be like
hunters. When they find jack and all the other boys, Ralph and Jack starts to
argue about who should lead or become the chief. Piggy claimed that while conch
shell is in his hands then he is supposed to speak, but jack started telling
piggy that the conch shell is not counted on his side of island. When Ralph
warns the boys that a big storm is coming all the boys got panic and stated
worrying about it. When the storm began, Simon rushed down towards them to tell
them about the dead pilot on the mountain. While he was coming the boys thought
that Simon is the beast coming towards them, and the boys moved down to the
mountain toward Simon to kill him.

to the other side of the island Ralph and Piggy were discussing about the death
of Simon. They booth were part of the murder. After this all, the only four
boys who were not in Jack’s tribe were Ralph, Piggy and twins, Sam and Eric who
help to tenting the fire. Jack was ruling over the all the other boys and he
tied one of the boys, and making all boys feel frightened by warning them about
the beast. Then one of the boys from Jack’s tribe asks that how to start fire,
and then Jack claims that they will steal Piggy’s glasses for it, but it was
not a easy task to do it for them by themselves. So, they return back  to the shelters to sleep, and at night the
Jack’s tribe attacks the four other boys because of that they gets bad
injuries. Piggy got to know the purpose of the attack.

the attack the four boys Ralph, Piggy, and twins decides to go to the part of
Jack on the castle rock as a civilized people. They dress themselves as normal
schoolboy clothes. After reaching the castle Ralph calls the other boys with
the conch shell, jack and other boys comes there and asks Ralph and other boys
to leave them alone. Jack refuses to listen to the Ralph and calls them painted
fools. Jack takes Sam and Eric as prisoners and orders to tie them up. Piggy
asks Jack and hunters to lets be painted Indians and sensible like Ralph, but
then Roger one of the hunters, tips a rock over on Piggy which leads to Piggy’s
death. After death of Piggy jack declares himself the chief and hurls his spear
at Ralph, who runs away from there.

running away from there, Ralph hides close to the castle rock from where he can
see other boys whom did not recognized them as civilized English boys but as
savages. He crawls to the get from where jack enters the camp, where Sam and
Eric are now in the place of guards, and they give him some meet and other
things to survive. Suddenly, Ralph came to realize that the hunter boys were
rolling the rocks down t the mountain to catch fire to the smoke out and
destroy whatever fruits was left on the island.

ran down to the beach and when he finally reaches down where some naval
officers has came with their ship. The officer thinks that the boys are playing
games and making their home on the island, yells on them for not behaving well
and in organized way and in responsible manners as British custom. As the boys
got prepared to leave the island, Ralph weeps and cries for the death of piggy
and for the change of all the boys’ end of innocence.

In this story the author “William Golding” tries to
tell us that how in the beginning all the boys were together and working with
each other, but as the time passes most of the boys become  savages, and gets separate and began to fight
and argue with each other.


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