Looking a general trend. Like my economic

Looking round the globe today in tears, I see the effect o governance. This is not predominant in any particular continent, country, city or location but a general trend.

Like my economic teacher once said: “Until the ‘power of love’ overrules the ‘love for power’, the world will not know peace. I have sat down and analyzed this and have seen the crystal clear truth in it. The problems suffered in the world today such as religious extremism, education, poverty, misuse of technology and many others are caused by the effect of governance by individuals in these sectors of the world. These effects are felt everywhere.

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So I think there are things we need to put in place to make governance a thing of joy. I carried my research using various means such as questioning, internet etc on the effect of governance and why good governance should be encouraged. First, for good governance to thrive, individual mindset should be set for leadership. I have come to know that one of the reasons why governance does not turn out good is because of the people put in place to govern (because most of them are not elected especially in Africa). For one to be elected as a leader, he/she must be in the right state of mind to carry the led in the system. Most leaders in the world care little or nothing about those they lead and this is painful. Let’s imagine an aspiring leader who comes and tells everyone all the good things he has in stalk for them. Eventually he does win after much competition.

Then he ends up carting away public funds and keeping everyone angry and hungry which results in the killing the spirit of democracy and good governance. So for one to lead or thrive in governance, he/she mist have the people at heart because this people elected him/her; and as this corresponds to the leaders, so it is to the governed. Those that elect the leaders should also be in their right state of mind. They should not sell their right for little incentive which will later hunt them in future.

In all, leadership should be something that brings development and growth and this is based on individual mindset and credibility. So everyone should be on guard about who they elect in other to make this a reality. When this negative mindset of one is conquered, then the next step is to give people hope and enlightenment. This should be done by actions and not speeches.

This is because the world has listened and heard lots of speeches yet it seems nothing is happening. So for a leader to leader to create that paramount change and recapture the heart of the ruled, he/she showed enlighten the people of his intentions and back this up by positive actions so as to bring back the trust of the people. Once this is done, leadership, governance will be that the people will be grateful for because the people die inwardly when they hear, listen or read anything on politics especially in Africa where governance is practiced by mere talking. For me, this enlightenment should be carried out by action and action alone because that is what the world needs which will change them, the church, school, establishment and so on.

They world leader lack this character and then to consider what ht people would say and forget what the people need. That is the irony of leadership, leaders should do the right thing and carry out the right action even if it hurts the people but since they will be satisfied in the long run, they should do it. This is the charisma of a true leader. Finally, governance should involve everyone mentally fit and this comes in place when there are “results”, these results come when we set them.

Hence in governance, there should be set goal where everyone’s focus should be. When this is done, all man puts his energy to actualize this in other to make that long run a reality. Despite what happens, everyone’s temerity should remain on that goal because without sacrifice, there can be no victory. So there are things a leader needs to forgo the get the people there including himself because everyone needs results. In summary, the world in suffering from the effects of lack of good governance, leaders lack that recipe of good governance and this is seriously affecting other global sectors.

I believe when all these steps are taken in place, they world would move a step further in becoming a better place for everyone.


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