Looking through action research and case studies. (Jansen

Looking at the past years there is a noticeable interest in Children’s technology design.

(Druin & Solomon,1996) The use/experience of software technologies in their daily routine. With experience research shows  chances and constrains in children’s technologies and in children being involved in the process. (Jensen & Skov .

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n.d.) Research methods have been a conversation for a long time now and it is still a challenge.(Kjedstov & Grahan,2003)The aim of this research paper is to arrange research papers in accordance to applied research methods in children technology design’s. As it is not the researchers intention to define research methods a definition found in wynkop and Cangar was choosen (Wynekoop & Congor, 1990)  for research methods in computer sites software engineering (CASE) and later adapted by Kjeldstov and Graham (2003) for mobile human-computer interaction research method.A short description of the research method and purpose  is provided.

There are eight research methods on strengths, weaknesses and use (adapted  from kjeldskov and Graham, 2003) they include case studies, field studies, action research which where natural setting research methods that where conducted in real organisation setting; lab experiments was a artificial setting research method; survey research, applied research, basic research and normative writing are environment independent  setting research as they have no influence by the context. (Jansen .n.d.)According to the study of Jenson and Skov (2005) more research on children’s technology design focuses on assessing or engineering purpose. On the other hand research conduction in children  shows no preference in environment  but natural settings are mostly used.

This is a research that is typically done in primary schools. Looking further into the results of the survey interesting issues that seem to indicate the field of interaction design of children technologies.(Jansen & Skov,2005) firstly a strong focus is seen in natural setting environments which is primarily outside through action research and case studies. (Jansen & Skov, 2005)A extensive difference in mobile technologies and focus on in natural setting and field study. (kjeldskov & Graham, 2003)


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