Looking at Africa as a single entity has

Looking at Africa as a single entity has been an issue facing how the world perceives it. When news of Africa hits the stands it is rarely talking about specific places but rather a story about Africa as a whole. Viewing Africa as a single thing has lead most of the world, especially Western cultures, to see it in a generalized way which has led to a negative stereotype of Africa and its people. Usually when people think of Africa they often think of animals, poverty, diseases, violence, corruption, and all of the other negative views people were taught to have of Africa. This essay will demonstrate how the views on Africa was a misconception . Throughout elementary and middle school, kids are taught to believe that Africa is not big as politics portray it to be. Students are taught to believe that it’s a huge desert with animals, many people live in villages, there’s a food and water scare, and so on. In school kids are showed the Mercator project which shows Africa as a tiny continent compared to all the other continents. However, the Peters projection shows a more realistic view with the size of the continents. Africa is 11,700,00 square miles and Africa looks about the same size as Greenland under the Mercator projection even though it is 14 times bigger. In actuality, Africa is 11,700,00 square mile and Greenland is 800,000 square miles. Society hates to paint the image that everyone’s ancestors descended from Africa when archaeologist are able to analysis artifacts. No matter what we look like we all are directly descended from Africa; the human race is of African origin. The oldest known skeletal remains of modern humans were excavated at sites in East Africa. Human remains were discovered in Ethiopia that was dated at 195,000 years old, the oldest known in the world. Africa is a very unique, it has over 800 languages native to its continent. African cultures are so diverse that they are different from any other culture of the world. African cultures contain many different languages. African languages range from common French to languages unheard of to most people such as Swahili. Many people are able to speak two or more languages. The history of Africa is single handedly one of the most interesting of other continents. Many may not know that Africans were the first to engage in mining 43,000 years ago or that Africans were the first to organize fishing expeditions 90,000 years ago. Even that there’s a cave in South Africa that contains evidence of signs of the first human creative expression. Our history is kept a secret from us to keep us ignorant because with this knowledge we become a threat. Art is very important to the Africans. In fact art is part of their everyday life. Many South African artists are active areas of art including the following: sculpture, pottery, mask making, and many more. Like African paintings, poetry, and wood carvings, sculptures tell a tale and immortalize their culture and beliefs. Materials and styles differ from village to village. Most sculptors use materials such as green wood, copper, tin, zinc alloys, bronze, ivory, or terra cotta, a kind of earthenware. Most sculpture figures are believed to contain ancestor’s spirits or said to have some magical beliefs. Africans use their art for ceremonies such as The Gerewol Festival, Bouake Carnival, and other celebrations they have that included their amazing artwork.  Just like in New Orleans, Louisiana, African culture are shown through society aid clubs such as Zula and even in voodoo. There are many more interesting things about African culture that wasn’t mention in the essay but don’t stop here, keep exploring. African history has been hidden from us for generations and with help of modern day explorers we’re able to unfold the breathtaking history of Africa.


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