Look Only you can define you. Nobody

Look Charismatic this Christmas- Few Honest TipsYour Dress Doesn’t make you Charismatic, your self-makes it Charismatic.Nature is beautiful. And, so are you. You are not limited to your physical body and you are not defined by others. Only you can define you. Nobody knows you except you, so reflect your perfections and imperfections, beauty and ugliness, sadness and joyfulness through your clothes. Give meaning to colors and shades, make those speechless things speak about you.

Realize that you are a beautiful secret, and adorn your body in a way that your outer orchestrates with your inner. And let the vibrant symphony be seen and felt. The shades and color, give them dead souls a meaning. Your dress shouldn’t adorn you, yourself should adorn your dress. Whether you are going to grocery or Christmas Party, choose a dress that is positive with your body, and shades that reflect your inner world.

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Among the frequent wears, tops and t-shirts are most common. So, if you are looking for tops for girls or tops for woman, choose something that fits, and looks beautiful on your physical body. Here are some tips to help you choose tops and t-shirts.Tips on How to Choose Tops Whether you are a girl or a woman, look for tops and t-shirts that are positive with your body. Your face, eyes, hips, hands, and chest all play an important role, and you must choose a top that fits, and looks beautiful on your physical body.

o   Fitted and flared blouses are a good option for those who have heavier lower body. Wear dark colors at the bottom and light colors at the top.o   If you have an hour glass figure, choose tops and tees that emphasize your curves.o   For women with trim bodies, you can wear crop tops or body hugging tops or loose tunics.o   Look for fabrics that last long, and are suited to weather conditions. If you are going for graphic tops or t-shirts, make sure that colors and patterns don’t fade away with few washes. Don’t Worry about your figure. Love yourself, your hips, legs, chest, face, eyes, hands, and all your body.

Your body hides your inner world, only it matters, and it must be beautiful. So, trim envy, depression, comparison, and trends from your inner self. Online shopping for tops has become super convenient.

No more, you must stick with your local designs and trends. East, or West, you belong to none. So, give up the stereotypes and experiences something new, that reflects you. Reflect yourself in your clothes. Give meaning to the soulless colors and shades, with your personality.

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