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In preparation for the development of the marketing campaign for the Spring/Summer 2005 line, I would like to provide you with an overview of the orders we have placed for delivery in February 2005 to coincide with “Spring Break” purchases which have traditionally provided a significant portion of our annual sales, second only to our “Back to School” events in the Fall, although these events may not be as successful this year. REVISED SENTENCE: Our “Back to School” events in the fall and “Spring Break” in February traditionally provided a significant portion of our annual sales.Although odds are that these events may not be as successful this year, we ought to buck the trend by planning even stronger marketing campaigns. Since Spring Break is the launching pad for the Spring/Summer campaign, we have already placed orders for that key event. I shall now give you an overview of those orders. EXPLANATION 1. The conditional clause expressing reservation about peak-month sales events is misplaced at the end of the paragraph.

It should start the paragraph since it sets the stage, affirming adverse expectations but proposing to buck the trend by working harder on product development. 2. We can condense the two peak sales cycles into one simpler statement since it matters not which one is first or second. As long as they are both important, we justify the extra marketing effort. 3. The link between “may not be as successful this year” and “preparation for the Spring/Summer 2005 line” is missing.

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That absence begs the question, “If prospects are not good, why bother?” 4. Perhaps, there is a need to reiterate why we need to get off to a good start in Spring and Summer with the “spring Break” event. B) Example 2 ORIGINAL SENTENCE There are a wide variety of styles to choose from: sandals, mules, flipflops, stilettos, platforms, and boots and this will be an exciting season for us, especially considering the disappointment of last year, something for everyone.

REVISED SENTENCES Compared to the disappointing year we just had, this promises to be an exciting season.There will be something for everyone. There will be a wide variety of styles to choose form: sandals, mules, flipflops, stilettos, platforms, and boots. EXPLANATION It may be grammatically correct but the contrast from “disappointing” to “exciting” packs more punch as revised. The thematic fragment “something for everyone” is the general statement that then needs to be followed by the specifics of the product line. Passive: A meeting has been scheduled for us on Tuesday, November 8 to review the Spring/Summer line by us.

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