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To display intelligence, some tent to be sarcastically logical in evaluating the conversation. Primarily this would insult the other speaker making the conversation less productive. Moreover, these comments are less emotionally concerned. People tend to talk and talk continuously without actually giving concern to what the others are saying. Reassuring At some point, when someone becomes the confidant of a certain person, he feels the need of being able to be of help with the person and the situation that he is dealing with.He then tends to help the other by reassuring him when actually he fears of the pressure placed upon his responsibility because of the conversation.

These twelve roadblocks to effective conversation certainly make it harder for people to resolve the problems that they are dealing with. Learning all these particular truths about conversation basics, points out to the importance of the one particular element of effective element of communication that is listening. The Major PointsAccording to the author of the book, the blockage of the conversations that exist between mothers and daughters could be well dealt-with if the right process of listening and considering each other’s concerns based from the generation gap that they both have from each other would be effectively applied. The virtue of putting one’s self in others shoe has always been effective in the process of connecting the distance of opinions that exists between the older and younger generation of women.This is the reason why it is indeed necessary for both parties to allow some extension on the part whereas they are to settle on a particular topic that they are to talk about.

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From the discussions and practical examples that Deborah Tannen presented in her book, it could be noted that the said reading points out on the fact that generation gap plays a great role in the differences that exist between mothers and daughters.However, it could also be recognized that the author brought the said differences into a solution that would actually bring both parties of the conversation into a meeting point that would recreate the bond that needs to be enhanced as well as recreated between them. Overall Reaction Growing teenage girls certainly need the assistance of their mothers for them to be able to attain the development that they need to be able to face the different challenges that awaits them in the future.Although keeping a fine communication line between mothers and daughters, mothers are particularly held responsible of keeping the said lines of conversation constantly open. It is highly recognized, especially by Deborah Tannen and other psychologists that there are several hindrances to obtaining an effective flow of communication among the older and the younger generation of women.However, they are also amiable that both parties could overcome the usual twelve roadblocks of communication between mothers and daughters as presented herein. With the ample attention that they both put on the process of eliminating the hindrances, mothers and daughters could still be expected to create possible ways of meeting each other’s opinion and views in life based from the adjustments that they are both willing to make to be able to create possible amendments with the differences that they have from each other.By doing so, they are making themselves capable of understanding each other’s side of the coin and thus create a more intimate and healthy relationship.

Reference: Deborah Tannen. (2006). You’re Wearing That? : Understanding Mothers and Daughters in Conversation. Ballantine Books; Reprint edition.

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