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Loaiza, A 1 The communication with friendships it’s very important because it can develop a person’s personality. Every person has their own meaning of friendship based on their experiences, etc. In the book says(friendship is a voluntary relationship that provides social support ).That it ‘s true but it’s something more deeper than just providing social support. Friendship it’s a can be a lot of things but, for many people is something necessary in our daily lives but why?. Can be because the it’s necessary to survive .Friendships are the people who you feel comfortable to speaking with ,and you feel that you can share important information(emotional ,interest ,etc.

) that you don’t share with anybody. Friendships are created , managed , evolved and maintain throw communication and so it has been for decades. Different types of friendship involve different levels of communication.There is different categories of friendships and depends on the type of friendship how it’s going to be the communication pattern.As we are going through this essay we are going to examine some types of friendships. We meet friends at school , work , meetings ,etc. They key of success it’s based in our relationships that we create throughout lives because it can create a sense of purpose in our lives.One of the most unnoticed advantages of friendship is that it helps maintain our minds and our bodies strong.

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Friends helps us deal with many things can be stress , can be the economy ,they helps us making us better lifestyle choices that keep us strong and makes us who we really are based in our life experiences that we live through with them.A latest Harvard find out about concluded that having stable friendships in our existence even helps promote brain health. So there is a many benefits having stable friendships. If you have a deep and significant long-term friendship long-term friendship, a professional kind of relationships or one that borders on romance, the perception that there are exclusive types of friendships can assist you to higher navigate and make a connection with others.

There are some types of friendships that we are going to examine. Cheerleader: affords direct ethical assist for someone’s work and activities. Loaiza, A 2 Good time: hangs out with an intent to have an accurate time or for stress relief. Short versus long-term: some friendship remaining for years or even a lifetime, whilst others fade or quit due to the fact of lifestyles modifications.

Example: moving to a new place, or switching schools. Task versus Maintenance oriented: these types of friendships are regarded challenge oriented if they specially revolved round positive activities, maintenance-oriented friendships are grounded in , mutual liking and a social assist, impartial of shared activities. A loyal best friend: sometimes a loyal high-quality buddy is a sole aspect you want to continue to be the same. everyone desires a nonjudgmental friend who will support them no depend on what. A friend from a different culture: being a cross-cultural friendship permits you to discover customs, values, and traditions outdoor of your personal culture.

Friends with benefits:Two companions who have a sexual relationship without being sincerely included. Now we know some types of friendships , but have changed certain thing over the years like the technology that it’s evolving through the years and the friendships has been affected by the social media. Based on the investigations social media takes an important role in America’s youth. Fully 76 percent of the teen’s use social, There is a lot of social media browsers like Facebook ( is the dominant platform, with 71 percent of all teens using it), Instagram and snapchat(become increasingly important), and the ones that people don’t use it too much as Google plus vine or Tumblr. Cell phones offer close steady access to companions and for web-based social networking clients, their companions’ online postings. As anyone might expect, teenagers who approach cell phones and utilize online networking will probably report that they feel “a considerable measure” more associated with what’s going on in their companions lives than adolescents without a cell phone, making them feel like they are close to their friends without face to face interaction excluding many important feelings and emotions that it’s not possible to substitute by just chatting between them.

Past making new companions, online networking is real way that youngsters cooperate with their current friends.Girls w ho utilize web-based social networking are more probable than young men to state they are “a considerable measure” better associated with data about their companions’ lives (40% versus 26% young men) and their companions’ emotions (24% versus 16% of young men) .While the two gatherings are similarly prone to state they feel more associated with companions through their online networking utilize, (36%) of cell phone proprietors say they feel “a ton” better associated with companions while a quarter (25%) of teenagers without cell phone get to report a similar level of connectedness, that can mean that social media it’s becoming necessary for our lives to be connected with our friends.


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