Living a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. My ambitions

Living most of my life in theDetroit Metro area exposed me to many hardships as I grew up.

It was these strugglesthat put to the test my determination to be successful, as well as my willingnessto sacrifice. The most significant and powerful attribute I gained growing upis being grateful. Whether during a positive or a negative time in my life, Ilearned to be grateful for the opportunities that arise when confronted withhurdles.My parents take pride in my ambitionsand support my commitment in furthering my education, given that they were notfortunate enough to continue college themselves. Being the daughter of a strongsingle-mother and the eldest of three children, I strive to be a good examplefor my siblings. I will be the first in my family to receive a higher educationand aspire to succeed with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree.My ambitions do not entailgraduating as a pharmacist to sit back and allow my diploma to collect dust.Neither do they include neglecting an education that I will strive to pursue.

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Philanthropyruns in my blood and the desire to help others has been engrained within mesince my early years. I have an avid interest in how the body functions, and Iam especially interested in how I can alter or reverse the processes that leadto disease. Pharmacology has always captivated me, and I am amazed at the numberof drugs for conditions that were disabling or fatal only a decade ago.  In the future, I not only dream of managing myown pharmacy, but aim to teach future pharmacist’s the proper techniques of treatingpatients with the utmost integrity and respect.

It is for these reasons that I choosea career in pharmacy, and will devote myself to the profession by encouragingothers to enter this career with the guiding principle of preservingprofessional patient care.After graduating pharmacy school, Iintend to work in a retail pharmacy environment to gain experience as apharmacist. With that experience, I hope to advance my proficiency in the fieldby practicing in an independent pharmacy. Working in an independentestablishment will reveal to me all the challenges that accompany responsibilityand primary decision making, which is knowledge I can better obtain from anindependent establishment rather than a chain pharmacy.  Learning the pharmacy professionand advancing my pharmaceutical knowledge will help me in my long-term goals. Iwill gain essential insight and become familiar with real world situations whenI pursue a pharmacy education. My life aspirations do not end when I graduateand begin work as a pharmacist.

Having experienced sub-par performance fromhealth professionals during my aunt’s struggle with breast cancer, I was exposedto a side of healthcare that I thought never existed. I will strive to makecertain that I, as well as other eager pharmacists, refrain from revealing any repulsivebehavior towards patients treated by our healthcare services. My true dedicationto the field of pharmacy, my passion to be involved in improving other’s health,as well as my strong commitment to preserve patient care and trust when handlingtheir medications is what I believe sets me apart from other candidatesapplying to your reputable pharmacy program this year.It is imperative to me that I havea passion for the career path I choose.

Given that I am fortunate enough tohave control over that path, I prefer to pursue a career that will provide valueand fulfillment to my life. My mother instilled in me the determination to triumphagainst any obstacles in my way, as well as ingraining within me kindness thatshe emphasized is essential to be established as an influential member of oursociety. I am very grateful to have a strong and solid foundation that encouragesme to live my life helping others. Pursuing my doctorate of pharmacy will presentme with countless opportunities to further improve myself as a patientadvocate. 


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