Literacy New literacy is being developed all around

Literacy is a part of our everyday life. It’s used in almost every situation, and it is necessary to be a productive contributor to our society. Reading and writing are necessary skills in today’s society, and they are needed to express and understand new ideas. However, literacy is more than just reading and writing. It’s also comprehension and being able to use these skills in day to day life.

There are different views on how children learn to read, but the main views are grouped into three categories: Part-to-Whole, Whole-to-Part, and the Comprehensive Models. The part-to-whole model represents three approaches to teaching reading. The phonics approach focuses on learning names and sounds of letters. The students learn phonic rules and exception to rules at the same time. This approach focuses on one concept at a time.

The linguistic approach focuses on identifying patterns in words. The student will normally learn the rime and then then onset of a word. Lastly, the sight word approach is used where students are taught words that will appear in their story. The whole-part-whole model begins reading instruction with shared reading where teachers read a book to the students. This method allows students to focus on the smaller levels of phonics while reading the book (the whole). The comprehensive approach focuses reading and writing for meaning. It integrates reading into all parts of the curriculum. While all of these methods are useful, the most effective method for teaching reading and writing is based off of the needs of the individual students.

Teaching philosophy should be based off of how the individual students learn, and what kind of instruction and intervention they need. New literacy is being developed all around us. The innovation of technology calls us to integrate that into our teaching philosophies. The use of new multimedia literacy needs to be addressed within the classroom because it is a part of our everyday lives, and it allows students to develop a variety of literacy skills.


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