Linus his on lab. In 1947, he

Linus Pauling is recognized as one of the two greatest scientist in the 20th century. When

he passed away on August 19, 1994 the world of scientist went into sorrow. Linus is being

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recognized not just for his incredible work in chemistry, also for his work in world peace and

civil liberties.

Linus Pauling studied chemistry at Oregon State University, where the university has

made an institute in his name in 1996. The time he spent at OSU was not wasted, he concluded

that vitamins and other essential micronutrients play a very important role in preventing diseases.

Linus also won two Nobel Prizes that were not shared, which no other person has done. He won

the first Nobel Prize in his discoveries in chemistry and the second prize in Peace. Linus main

study was chemistry, though his research interests were amazingly wide ranged. He made many

important discoveries in chemistry which are physical, structural, analytical, inorganic, and

organic chemistry, as well as biochemistry. In the 1930s Linus Pauling made his way to

California Institute of Technology to teach freshmen chemistry. He had a very energetic

showmanship when he teached which made him a popular professor. Linus was a very open

professor, he often told his students what he was researching in his on lab. In 1947, he created his

own chemistry textbook that taught chemistry how he wanted chemistry to be taught. Linus

wanted a textbook that strayed from the traditional chemistry textbook and toward the chemical

Linus Pauling discovered the alpha helix. He was visiting a lecture at Oxford University

in 1948, when Linus had found insight on the formation of proteins. He found that the proteins

coiled together to form a helical structure, he named this the alpha helix. His idea with a pleated

sheet, proved correct. In 1953, Watson and Crick used his findings to create the shape of DNA.

DNA is a double stranded helix, one stan complementary to the other. Linus was pursuing the

discovery of Dna but he was cut short. In 1952, Pauling was on his way to an important

conference in London where new DNA x-ray diffraction data was found. Unfortunately for him

he had to stay back in America due to some passport issues. The findings of the DNA structure

launched huge revolution in biology along with a new field in molecular genetics.

Linus Pauling was a massive part of discovering DNA, and his work in chemistry was

recognized multiple times. With him finding the structure of many molecules he was awarded the

Nobel Prize. He worked on the nature of chemical bonds, and the structures of molecules and

crystals and the committee also acknowledge his work with the structure of proteins, with the

alpha helix. Linus is now being named one of the most influential scientist, but he was also had a

role in world peace and love. He created a book called No More War!(1958) Linus Pauling died a

great scientist and a spokesmen for peace.


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