Lin-Manuel 17). When Lin graduated high school

Lin-Manuel Miranda has changed the game in Broadway with his famous
musical Hamilton. He had us all blown
away with his view on Broadway and his genius mind. Lin has constantly
continued to teach the world valuable lessons through his music, musicals, and
writings. He continues to inspire us to do the unimaginable and come out of our
shell. He has given people of color confidence and an opportunity in the
Broadway industry.

Lin-Manuel’s father, Luis Miranda came to America from Puerto Rico
at age eighteen (Dzidrums 9). He attended New York university where he would
soon find the love of his life (Dzidrums 9). Luis became a democratic party
consultant and created the Hispanic foundation (Dzidrums 11). The Miranda’s
soon welcomed their son Lin-Manuel into the world on January 16, 1980 (Dzidrums
11). Lin-Manuel was born in the Washington heights area of Manhattan but five
years later they moved to Inwood. (Dzidrums 11). Music was something very
special to Lin so he would often listen to a wide-variety such as, pop, rock,
blues, and others (Dzidrums 11). His family owned a collection of vinyl cast
recordings Lin’s favorite was The
Unsinkable Molly Brown (Dzidrums 11). Occasionally Lin’s family would go
watch Broadway musicals; watching them inspired him to write musicals (Dzidrums
13). Around his teen years he grew a love for performing and would often record
videos of himself acting (Dzidrums 14). His practice successfully paid off in
sixth grade when he received the title role in the school’s production of Bye Bye Birdie (Dzidrums 14 and !5).
When he was a freshman at hunter college high school he beat out a senior for
the lead role in The Pirates of Penzance (Dzidrums
17). He was also casted in Oklahoma, West
Side Story, Fiddler on the Roof, The Wiz, and Peter Pan (Dzidrums 17).

 He soon grew a love for
writing as big as his love for acting (Dzidrums 17). During his junior year, he
wrote a fifth teen minute musical called Nightmare
in D Major and soon followed it up with another musical called Seven Minutes in Heaven (Dzidrums 17).
When Lin graduated high school he decided to attend Wesleyan University where
he would major in film and theater arts (Dzidrums 19). He soon achieved the
lead role in the Jesus Christ Superstar
so he devoted all his time and effort on stage (Dzidrums 19). During his second
year of college he moved into La casa de Albizu campos; where he then got his
inspiration for in the Heights
(Dzidrums 19). In the Heights began
as a ninety-minute musical that told a story of a family and friends finding
life in Washington Heights (Dzidrums 19). In spring of 2000, his musical had
the opportunity to show for a whole weekend at the 92 Theater (Dzidrums 19).
Two years later Lin created another play for his senior project called on Borrowed Time but didn’t get that
much reaction like in the Heights (Dzidrums
19 and 20). Lin graduated from
Wesleyan and made his living being a substitute and seventh-grade English
teacher for a year (Dzidrums 20). In his free time, he would carefully revise in the Heights at the request of a former
classmate, Tommy Kail (Dzidrums 20). From 2002-2005 five drafts of in the
Heights were written and converted into a two-act musical that opened on July
of 2005 (Dzidrums 20). Wishing for a break Lin decided to join Facebook and
came across a former classmate named Vanessa Nadal (Dzidrums 20). Lin-Manuel
had fancied her a lot, but never had to courage to talk to her (Dzidrums 20).
Coming out of his comfort zone Lin confidently invited her to one of his
improve rap troupes, but when he saw her he was too shy to talk to her
(Dzidrums 21). He invited her to another performance and finally talked to her;
the two soon became boyfriend and girlfriend (Dzidrums 21). After all that
excitement in the Heights opened off-Broadway at 37 Arts in early 2007 (Dzidrums
23). In the Heights became so
successful that on July 26,2007 producers announced the musical will move to
Broadway at the Richard Rodgers Theater (Dzidrums 23). Lin-Manuel was
overwhelmed with disbelief that he would be playing a lead role on Broadway
(Dzidrums 23).  His musical went on for
almost two-years and winning four tony awards along the way, including the
prize for best musical ( After his debut on Broadway Lin did
translation work for the revival of West
Side Story and contributed music to 2012’s
Bring it on: The Musical (Dzidrums 29). He also did screen work for well-known
TV programs such as Sesame Street,
the Electric Company, and Modern Family (Dzidrums 29). On
vacation, Lin-Manuel took an 860-page biography of Alexander Hamilton by the
U.S historian Ron Chernow ( This book gave Lin huge ideas for
his sensational musical Hamilton. He
envisions his musical project as a “rap concept album” and visualizes the
biggest rap superstars in his show ( Four months after the united
states welcomed its first black president Lin-Manuel and his accomplice Alex
Lacamoire performed a “poetry jam” at the White House ( On May
12, 2009 Lin performed a song from the Hamilton mixtape for the first time in
front of the first lady and the president ( 


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