Like Northup’s misfortune started in 1841, he

Like in the movies and books Solomon Northup, who is our hero, was tricked and marketed as a slave in 1841 and he had lost his freedom for 12 years.
When we mention movie, it depicts the sufferings of black slaves and when we look at the book, we can see there is nothing to change. Are all these things just written for Solomon Northup ? Of course not. But the fact is that Solomon Northup represent black peoples who is in captivity. Solomon Northup’s misfortune started in 1841, he was invited to perform but he suddenly found himself in a bad way. He was chained up and locked. He and other black guys were gathered in a boat. They were sold and they got worked hardly. Solomon had a steady career and most especially he was free. This hopeless situation leads him to escape and to survive as a consequence he had been punished harshly. But he had never given up hopes even this situation is a hopeless one for us.
In the end, those movies and books, briefly, those works show us a terrible and sadly true story about hopeless and injustice. This can be accepted as American Historical story but in my opinion, this is a brief history of racism in the United States.


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