Like more interpersonal skills. Throughout the past

Like all young children, I often asked the question “What’s that?” However where I apparently differed from others, was in my inquisitiveness to probe further.

“How does it work?” being a common phrase of mine and thus, although I didn’t realize it, my fascination with Engineering was born. Engineering has had a profound effect on the way we live and in shaping the world we know today. I am intrigued by all aspects of the subject ranging from the utilization of scientific knowledge to solve practical problems, through to political, environmental and economic considerations.

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Engineering in all of its aspect has changed life around us and how we live it, shaping the world as we know it today, politically, environmentally, and economically. I have been and since a young age, always intrigued with the way things work, how they work, and why do they work in this way and for what purpose. I have always been fascinated with how very complex complications could be solved with the simplest means, and how analyzing the problem and approaching it from different aspects could help resolve it. And to that, pursuing a career thatchallenged my abilities to become better in analyzing and solving problems, being it theoretically or in real lifefundamental part of the planet, was always a passion and dream of mine.

 In the summer of 2017 I was fortunate in securing a two week internship at a factory for the production of calcium carbonate in “Global Calcium Carbonate”. This work-training opportunity was very interesting and greatly rewarding. This allowed me to experience a wide range of engineering related concepts, including those of industrial, and mechanical engineering and the entire concepts of processes and how factories in all its departments are managed. All in which strengthened my ICT, team work, organizational, and many more interpersonal skills. Throughout the past few years, I have participated in a number of events and activities that have upgraded my characteristics and skills. All along acclaiming high responsibility and dedication, initiatives included charity work with Takiyet Um Ali, and other foundations, participating in the Model United Nations over my high-school year and even joining the basketball team.

These all have allowed me the chance to communicate with a diversity of people, all from different backgrounds and stories, which provided me with a new sense of thought, enabling me to become more empathetic and open minded. All extremely rewarding. These experiences provided me with ambition to do what I aspire to, developing my interpersonal skills.

 I truly believe that i have the required characteristics and qualities that’ll allow me to build on both my academic and social experience by joining your prestigious university, and excel throughout. I would most definitely not only take but give back to the university in all of its life aspects.


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