Life perception. At times in our life,

Life obstacles, a constant battle between the need to strive and desire to coast along at bare minimum while traveling a path that one has chosen through life because whatever new experience we might have earned is not worth the stress currently suffered. Every path is filled with obstacles, both big and small. It is likely that unforeseen events may occur or a person might make a wrong move that could require taking a step back. Sometimes it comes with a bit of notice but other tends to slams the door straight into our face. Anything worth reaching will eternally have obstacles in the process of life and you’ve got to have that ambition and determination to overcome those obstacles on way to whatever it is that you want to fulfill. That desired outcome of overcoming obstacles oftentimes emerges as we work toward the goal, keep track, and make progress in which case the goal isn’t an end in of itself, but rather a guide on your journey.Along with our journey, what we go through our lives and how we respond to any situation reveals a lot about our attitude and perception.

At times in our life, things won’t go how we want it to go. As kids, we’re all about fair. “He took my train—it’s not fair.

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” “You said you’d buy me a new bike—it’s not fair!” “I had that crayon first—it’s not fair.” You’d think we’d learn early in that life isn’t fair, but instead, we cling to how we think things should be. Hard work should be rewarded. Kindness should be reciprocated. When things don’t work out that way, we feel outraged about life’s injustices and it’s beyond our control. When you start going on a vicious spiral of a road, remind yourself, “It is what it is.” And then choose the least reaction that aligns with the way you’d like the world to be. We should realize that time waits for no man, it does not owe us anything so the best thing for us to just look on the positive side.

  View your challenges as opportunities. That will give you a healthy degree of optimism, self-confidence, and openness, along with an adventurous spirit. It would indicate that you enjoy life and look forward to whatever comes next.Everybody tries but only some succeed when they fight through every obstacle to seal their gap between their expectation and the reality of themselves.

Being able to adapt to unforeseen circumstances while traveling through life is crucial to one’s success. The road to a successful challenge requires the optimization of a range of performance. For example, achieving better grades is not simply about doing more work! You must stop procrastinating, learn to improve your time management skill, increase your working ability and endurance your memory etc.

  So, having committed to the challenge, you must construct a plan to optimize each of the areas required to deliver success. Making a contract with yourself to deliver progress is especially relevant when you are struggling with belief, dedication and/or desire. By formalizing a method and analyzing your intentions you are much more likely to be successful when you will deliver it.Most of us want to be immeasurable.

However, there are times when we don’t have the strength to accomplish (complete goodness). Weighed down by possessions, including our emotions, attitudes, and fears, we get distracted and become derailed. We always want to be a perfectionist but sometimes this particular thought may destroy our abilities to focus on the other aspects of ourselves. It is important to acknowledge and celebrate our progress as an individual. After all, when a baby takes its first steps, it is a wondrous achievement that is generally met with cheers and joy. Clearly, baby steps count.

The important thing to remember is that we, just like babies, are growing and learning. It is a daily process that requires an act of patience with ourselves and others. We will stumble. We will fall. But, we must learn to get back up and move forward, without shame, guilt, judgment or criticism. If we focus on progress, rather than striving for or expecting perfection, we can live in grace and compassion for ourselves and others.

Success is not a destination, but the road that you’re on. Success is a journey. There will be a new obstacle every day whether it is trying to walk or being first in class.  Overcoming challenges may appear to be an impossible task, but oftentimes, in our seemingly darkest hour, humans come to learn just how capable we are of pushing forward. If at every obstacle that everyone came across they quit, our world would be nothing like it is today.

It’s your choice in what you want to do in life and there will be many things that will try and stop you but you should never give up, try to track your time, choose progress over perfection, and move forward in life. 


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