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In this part, we have to find some significant findings that would help us reveal the problems and further discussed some of the solutions that can be applied in order to help them overcome such issues in life. One good example case is pertaining in the life of African-American which daily they are always faced with the common economic, social problems have been a common view of disappointments for most people, especially for women.Most African American women have faced a lot of problems not only regarding how to cope up with their current issue, but it is more on how they can contain their husbands or partners since they are always the subject of outlet of these men’s in their hatred and lack of hope.

It shows here that most women are victimized by their partners due to the frustration and anger of the African American men. This has reported to be the main contributors of domestic violence in the African community.This has been the main focus of study, these women must be given the right protection from the government and since they are not that given mush attention many problem continues to add more problems for the government and it becomes a domino effect as for others, what is important is how to contain or survive these problems that they faced, and since most women are known to have a weak identity, they can easily be attracted in compelling themselves in using drugs and since drugs provides a different result and outlook in their physical side, it provides them an unexplained psychological motivation to continue to face problems and leave it as a supplement to life even though the negative effects of it has been known. (Hampton, R, 2003).

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Another finding that was known for many is the fact that it was a common practice of choice in their families. They always considered that drugs are the only way they can overcome problems instead of finding other means on how to overcome it they will still find dependent to drugs are the main answer. The issue is in the values that were formed in the family they came from and the family that they have at the present. If the family do not foster good family values and family oriented environment, it will be hard for the family to overcome every problem.This is prevalent to families in the poverty line, but there are still some good example in these families that no matter what, dreaming and persevering and always looking for the positive side of life is still the best and most effective way in overcoming the problem and for them if no one can help them, then there should be a determined actions that needs to be done and women must have to look onto that kind of ideology and should hot entertain weak and negative alternatives like being involved in drug dependencies. (Hswer, Y.

I. , Longshore, D. , & Anglin, M.

D, 2007).ReferencesFox, K. (2000).

“Reviewed Work: Fast Lives: Women Who Uses Crack Cocaine. By Clerk Sterk. ” The American Journal of Sociology.

Retrieved January 2000, from

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