Life it started with a Gardner who made

Life cycle cost includes:•    Initial cost “capital cost” (equipment cost – legal fees – buildings cost)•    Maintenance cost •    Operation cost (Direct cost and indirect costs)Value IndexValue index is a number refers to best option and as it increases for a certain alternative, the chance of choosing this alternative increases.To get the value index you will use the last two steps1st alternative is:Precast concrete means that the concrete member is coasted and cured in another place than its final place which designed to be in, it started with a Gardner who made some tubs and then it used in many fields.Precast has the highest quality in finishing due to the huge control and inspection on the mold and also the control in the process.This will be the final shape of the fence panel. The foundation in both directions putting on the column and filling with grout then putting the panel in between and making this along the fence line to complete the projectQuantity of precast items for:For the first table which is for wall:For the 2nd column is shows the Quantities of columns:Where the first column “column No” contains all of the columns in the line For example “c1-04”, c means column , 1 means the column type  as we have 4 types according to design and 04 is the column name Part 2Cast in situ is the traditional way to install concrete structures which depends on installing form works then steel then pouring the concrete all of this is done in the site. After pouring the concrete plastering and painting works start.We started designing a retaining wall to carry the difference in soil. Using the Retaining wall, the design was made according to this case which is the critical case in the project.In Precast fence we are checking the cost in 3 main locations:1st location is the cost inside the Factory which include the labor cost and material cost and the lifting cost from factory to the backyard The 2nd location is the transportation which is moving the panels from the factory to the site which need trucks and need to know the volume which we transport The 3rd location is at site where the panels will be used and install as we calculate the cost of labor and crane and engineers. To know the cost of the retaining wall the situation is different from the precast cost as here we are calculating the cost of material and labors and if there is other additional items like painting.                     If the time Schedule is the same in both of the methods and see the results we find that using the retaining wall is not the preferable solution to overcome the soil difference as we can use the precast fence which will cost 2 million LE while the retaining wall will cost 3 million LE.


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