15 you forget to wash yourself properly

15 April, 2011 Dear Brother, While I burn the midnight oil to ensure that the dream of our parents comes true, I am sure you are doing your share of hard work to excel in your school exams. The final exams of my third year in Management are knocking at the door I am having a tough time. I do not think I will have the time to visit you before your exams. So, you have to take up the challenge of Mathematics and Science without my help this time. This also brings to my mind that you must be extremely careful about your health as you are susceptible to recurrent bouts of cold and flu.

Hundreds of people across our nation have been afflicted by this new menace called H1N1 flu. Please note that it is a highly infectious disease and you have to avoid crowded public places. Your handkerchief should always be in place and nothing should make you forget to wash yourself properly once you reach home. Moreover, maintain an extraordinarily high degree of personal hygiene and be extremely cautious without being panic-stricken.

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Do not pay heed to rumours. Please keep your eyes and ears open to the instructions issued by the Health Department. In case you develop flu-like symptoms, and if they persist, please rush to the doctor immediately. Prevention is better than cure! Please keep an eye on our parents’ health too and remember that as a student of Class 10, you have our shares of responsibilities in the family and I have full faith in my younger brother’s capabilities. Here’s wishing you all the best! Your loving brother, Sabbar


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