The Superintendent of Police (Traffic), Delhi Police

The Superintendent of Police (Traffic), Delhi Police Headquarters, MSO Building, New Delhi – 110 001. Subject: School bus mishaps Sir, As you will no doubt be aware, there was yet another accident in our city yesterday involving a school bus. Three children lost their lives, while four others were seriously injured. This is the third such incident this year. As in the previous cases, the main reasons being given for the mishap are rash driving and the overcrowding of the bus. The driver, who was said to be slightly drunk, was in the process of overtaking a car when it was struck at the side by a lorry coming from the opposite direction.

There were sixty-five children and two teachers in the bus, although it had a seating capacity of thirty-two. Sir, if stricter penalties could be imposed for speeding and drunken driving, it would certainly help prevent such tragedies in future. Also, could not the school authorities be made responsible for the safety measures concerning its student passengers? They should not only ensure that there is no overcrowding in their buses, but that these are maintained properly. Yours faithfully, A concerned parent


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