Dear office from this place is at

Dear Sir, I____________ (Name), as President of the local Zonal committee, would like to voice the demand of the local people about the urgent need for setting up of a post office at____________ (full address to be mentioned).

This area has been developing fast in the recent past connected with a nearby railway station. Many people have started flocking in this area for livelihood and habitation. Shops and business establishments have started springing up. Looking to the speedy development of this area, setting up of a post office has been felt a crying need immediately. The nearest post office from this place is at a distance of a couple of miles away and the local people have to face untold difficulties for want of a post office, especially when this place is emerging as a conglomeration of different people with different walks of life. It is, therefore, earnestly requested that looking to the importance of this place; immediate action is taken to set up a full-fledged post office which will alleviate the sufferings of the local people. Thanking you, Yours faithfully,(Your Name)

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