Dear driving insured for accidental risks which

Dear Sir, I would like to get my above car insured by you.

Details of the car are as follows: (a) Engine No. ____________ (b) Chassis No: ____________ (c) Year of manufacture ____________ (d) Cubic capacity ____________ (e) Insured value of car ____________ as per Xerox copy of invoice of the dealer enclosed. While I would like to go for comprehensive Insurance of my above car for ____________ (Amount) and not third party insurance, I would also like to get five persons including person driving insured for accidental risks which is to be incorporated in the Insurance Policy. Please intimate me the amount of premium to be paid to you for comprehensive insurance of the car Including accidental risks of the persons, as mentioned above, so as to enable me to send to you cheque for the amount of premium after receipt of which you will please forward to me the certificate of Insurance and also the Insurance Policy, Thanking you, Yours faithfully,(Your Name)


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