Dear the street lighting system in all the

Dear Sir, We, the inhabitant’s of have to inform you that the street lighting system in our locality is extremely poor.

An electric bulb for providing street lighting which has been still continuing in our area is antiquated. Our area is now very much developed with more number of people residing here. On account of twilights from the electric bulbs used for providing the street lighting, it is not safe for the inhabitants of our area to live peacefully on account of apprehension of the anti-social elements in the nights.

When the street lighting system in all the adjoining areas has been improved by providing vapour lamps, it is not understood as to why our locality has been neglected from providing improved street lighting system. Under the circumstances, we would request you to arrange to take immediate action in the matter for replacing the electric bulbs with vapour lamps in the street lighting system in our locality. Thanking you, Yours faithfully,(Your Name)


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