Consumer (Month) which must be far lesser

Consumer No. ____________ Meter No. ____________ Dear Sir, It is extremely surprising to receive your electricity bill for ____________ (Amount) for the ____________ (Month). The meter reading date was shown on the bill as ____________ (Month) with meter reading as____________ No, whereas the meter reading was showing ____________ No, when I verified the meter reading personally from outside the meter box on ____________ (Date).

It is not, therefore, understood how the meter reading could show ____________ No, on ____________ (Month) which must be far lesser than what I could find the reading of the meter as No, ____________ on ____________ (Date). From the factual position as stated above, you will kindly appreciate that the meter reading was taken on hypothetical basis for which I have been penalised for no fault of mine. I would, therefore, request you to send your man immediately on receipt of this letter to take note of reading of the meter on the current date from which you will kindly find the reading slightly higher than what it was on ____________ (Date) and not beyond No, ____________ under any circumstances. I am enclosing Xerox copies of your electricity bills for the last six months from which it will be observed that the average monthly billing was ____________ (Amount). In view of what I have stated above, I would request you to arrange rising of fresh electricity bill for the month of June, 2006 taking into account the consumption of electricity on average basis for the last six months, in cancellation of the electricity bill for ____________ (Amount), raised for the month of ____________ (Date). Yours faithfully(Your Name)


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