I in terms of print quality, news

I am a regular reader of your magazine. The latest issue of your magazine, carried an article on terrorism I have also learned that your staff members have been threatened on account of naive and spine-chilling coverage of crimes in the city of ____________ (Place). Sir, as the most reputed magazine of the globe, you have maintained the best standards in terms of print quality, news coverage and information dissemination. However, due to the aforesaid series of articles on terrorism, your senior correspondents could face problems in their day-to-day operations or personal lives. We, the citizens of ____________ (Place), would extend all possible co-operations for giving exact details of crimes in the city.

I would request you not to stop publishing this series of articles on terrorism. The voice of the masses must get a platform for vocal expression and your magazine would be an ideal medium for informing the world about the macabre facets of terrorism. Many terrorist groups would try to stop your efforts, lest they should be exposed by your series of revealing articles.

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But they must know that truth shall prevail sooner or later. You can take the assistance of law enforcing agencies for protecting their lives and property. The residents of the city would provide them with latest information and clues related to the operations of terrorist organizations.

If your staff members are not deterred by the threats of these terrorist organizations, why should we not extend support to them? Only men and women of courage would be able to transform the society. The menace of terrorism would have to be dealt with an iron hand. Enough is enough! Thanking you, Yours sincerely, (Your Name)(Address)


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