I To Be Sent To Press Academic Column:

I am willing to bring attention of the Municipal Corporation of Bikaner towards the vital need for setting up a library in our town. I have prepared the text for the purpose of informing the authorities concerned. I hope my views and suggestions would find space in the columns of your esteemed daily. To Be Sent To Press Academic Column: We, the residents of ____________ (Place), feel quite handicapped and disturbed due to the geographical location of our town. The major impact of this handicap is on the education and academic growth of our children.

The city lacks a well-defined market from where; books and journals related to academic curricula could be purchased. There are some bookstores in the main market but they depend upon the supply of books and other educational material from ____________ (Place), which is far away from this place. The books being brought from other parts of the country (and the world) are quite costly due to the transportation charges being paid for their transfer to the bookshops of ____________ (Place). The economic profile of our city does not allow students to buy costly books. I would request the concerned authority to look into the matter and take a decision at the earliest.

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The academic scenario of the town could change with the setting up of a library. Thanking you, Yours sincerely, (Your Name)(Address)(Date)


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