Re: cognito looked like a true railway

Re: Request for refund of fares of two tickets in respect of myself and my wife travelling by ____________ (Train Name) from ____________ (Place) to ____________ (Place). Dear Sir, This is to inform you that I had purchased two A/C 3-tier tickets from (Place Name) station on____________, one for myself and the other for my wife, Mrs.

____________ (Name) for travelling by ____________ (Train Name) from ____________ (Place) to ____________ (Place) on Sunday, and the __________. Immediately before start of the train from New Delhi station, one T.T.E. clad in Railway uniform boarded the train compartment and asked from me the tickets for his verification with the sheet he was carrying with him. After making so-called verification of the tickets he returned to me the same which I kept with me in good faith without seeing whether he had returned to me the original tickets or not. The T.

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T.E. in cognito looked like a true railway employee with name plate affixed on his uniform.

Shortly after the train left New Delhi station, another T.T.E.

checked our tickets and found that the tickets which I handed over to him were not genuine. And as such he demanded from me fares from ____________ (Place) to ____________ (Place) which I had to pay together with penalty totaling ____________ (Amount) as I could not produce my genuine tickets to him on account of the mischief played with me by the fake T.T.

E. I am constrained to mention here as to how such mischievous activity could take place in the prestigious train like ___________ (Train Name), which shows nothing but the laxity of the Railway administration. Under the circumstances, you will kindly appreciate that I had to suffer financially for no fault of mine. I shall, therefore, be highly obliged if you would arrange to refund me the fares of ____________ (Amount) of the two tickets issued afresh to me in the train compartment by the genuine T.T.

E. on____________. The old and used tickets and the new tickets issued to me are enclosed.

Thanking you, Yours faithfully,(Your Name)


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