Dear streets, it is still insufficient. Such insufficient

Dear Sir, I, as President of local Zonal Committee, take the privilege of requesting you to arrange plantation of more number of trees in the locality of____________ (with full address including Ward No.). The area, ____________ is developing fast. As is known to all, plantation of sufficient trees maintains ecological balance.

Hence, the need of afforestation. Although your Department has taken necessary action in plantation of trees on the islands of the streets, it is still insufficient. Such insufficient number of newly planted trees after their growth will not reduce the environmental temperature. Plantation of sufficient number of trees will reduce pollution of the entire area. The area will also look greenery and beautiful.

In consideration of what has been stated above, it is requested that more number of trees are planted on the islands of the streets as also at some other areas where plantation of trees is absolutely necessary. Thanking you, Yours faithfully,(Your Name)


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