We of the deceased. The claimant and the

We have been informed by ____________ (Name), brother of the above quoted depositor that ____________ (Name) died in an accident in ____________ (Place) on ____________ (Date). ____________ (Name) has claimed the balance of ____________ (Amount) which stands to the credit of the deceased in his S.B.

Account with us. ____________ (Name) has offered to file an affidavit to the effect that the deceased was his real brother and that he was unmarried and has died intestate. He has also further offered to execute an Indemnity Bond, signed by the entire family along with two sureties, both high-ranking government officials, to the effect that there is no other claimant to the balance of the deceased. The claimant and the two sureties also hold S.B.

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Accounts in our bank. Would you please allow us to transfer the balance lying to the credit of the deceased to the account of the claimant as suggested by the latter? Thanking you, Yours faithfully (Your Name)Branch Manager Dated ___________


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