It seems that it was started with no

It seems that it was started with no evil intention but it has degenerated to an extent that it has become physical torture. Just in the name of fun they assault the fresher’s physically. Every year they device new methods to harass the new comers.

Raggers derive vicious pleasure out of the suffering of others. The fresher’s have to serve the seniors and have to dance to the tune of their tormentors. Is it not a sad beginning? Despite the fact that the universities have banned ragging which often results in untoward incidents including death, it has perpetrated with impunity. The principals have been unable to check it.

In a sophisticated society, particularly in the educational institutions, such acts tarnish the image. Ragging cannot be justified by calling it just fun because, any pleasure derived out of the other’s sufferings is devil’s pleasure. The concerned authorities should take strict step to check this inhuman practice. Faithfully yours,(Your Name)


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