Re: ____________ (Months) would be as per the

Re: Request for allowing renewal of my fixed deposit account with retrospective effect. Dear Sir, This is for your kind information that I have a fixed Deposit Account No.____________ with your bank which expired on ____________ (Date) i.e., ____________ (Months) ago.

I could not get my Account renewed for another term immediately after its expiry as I was out of station for the last ____________ (Months). After my return when I called on your dealing official to request him to renew the fixed Deposit Account with retrospective effect, he Informed that renewal of the same could have been done from the next date of expiry of the term deposit if it was within ____________ (Days) of its expiry. He also informed that while the term deposit would be renewed from the current date, interest for the intervening period of ____________ (Months) would be as per the interest rate of Savings Account which is lesser than that of fixed deposit amount and the amount of this interest would be credited to my Savings Account No.____________ maintained with your bank.

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In view of the above circumstances, I would request the favour of advising your dealing official to renew my term deposit account with retrospective effect and in that case I am desirous of getting it renewed for longer period apart from the intervening period of ____________ (Months). I am quite optimistic that I will not be rebuffed in my request at your considerate heart. Thanking you, Yours faithfully,(Your Name)


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