Dear Sir, With profound regret I have to

Dear Sir, With profound regret I have to inform you that my father, __________ (Name) and mother, ____________(Name) who were travelling by____________ (name of the train) on way back to ____________ (place) from ____________ (Place) were killed on ____________in the ill-fated train which met with an accident near the railway station named____________. The tickets which I took out from the possession of my deceased father at the site of accident together with the death certificate issued by the local doctor from accident site are enclosed. Since the death of my parents is an irreparable loss to me, I would request you to arrange to give compensation amounting to ____________ (Amount) I am also enclosing a certificate ____________ (Date) issued by the M.

L.A., Sri____________ (Name)certifying that I am the legal heir for getting the compensation on account of death of my parents in the railway accident. Your immediate action in the matter will be highly appreciated.

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