I in the school. The school man­agement

I would like to intimate to your department about the high­handed behaviour of the school management regarding the admission procedures in the school. The school man­agement of ____________ (School Name) recently conducted an interview of the parents for the admission of their chil­dren, which although quite irrelevant, has however be­come the order of the day. However, it came as a shock when the parents were asked to produce their educa­tional testimonials to the school authority.

Does the school have the right to ask for testimonials from people who are well settled and has completed more than ten years of service in the executive cadre? What does the school authority want to prove to the parents? Such things should be strictly avoided as it creates an uncomfortable situa­tion for the parents. It is requested that your department looks into such ir­regularities and take proper action against such brokers of education. Thanking you Yours Sincerely,(Your Name)

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