I year and mostly these pilgrims commute

I would like to draw your kind attention towards the insuf­ficient number of buses plying on route____________ (Name).

As you are aware that____________ (Place Name) has a religious impor­tance and lot of pilgrims visit the place throughout the year and mostly these pilgrims commute by bus as there is no direct train service to____________ (Place Name). But then also, there are only two buses from ____________ (Place), and most of the times, these buses are crowded, both these buses belong to ____________ (Roadways Name), the services are nothing to mention. The buses stop virtually at all the stoppages and cause in­convenience to the passengers and a distance which can be covered in two hours, takes three and a half hours. During the summer the plight of the passengers are nothing short of pathetic. DTC services are provided to most of the destinations outside ____________ (Place Name), hence it would be a very decent idea to have at least one DTC service for ____________ (Place Name), which is definitely going to improve the ser­vices as well as provide comfort to the passengers. Hope your good self will give a positive consideration to the matter and do the needful.

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