5th thank you for your wonderful gift? It’s

5th January, 2011 Dear Uncle, How can I thank you for your wonderful gift? It’s so beautifully designed and so elegant it could easily pass off as a decorative item; but no, it’s utility value is no less. I’d only heard of Mont Blanc fountain pens, but never seen one.

Now, thanks to you, I’ve not only seen one, I own one as well! Uncle, I’ll remember this birthday gift for ever. Of course, one reason for that will be that I’ll be using it all my life. In fact, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if it outlasts me! I think we live in a somewhat ‘throwaway’ age where we use things and soon discard them—be it ball-point pens or people! It’s good to have something that will stay with me and become a part of my life. I’ll be careful, though, not to carry it outside—I wouldn’t like it to become the victim of anybody’s envy! As you will have guessed, Uncle, I’ve already tried out the pen.

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I love the way the nib just glides across the paper without my applying any pressure on it. Now I know I’ll be before-time with all my written assignments and projects in school! London must be pretty cold now, though I suppose there you have the means as well to keep yourself nice and warm. My warm regards to Aunt. Your loving nephew, Surjeet


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