Dear reason best known to you. I

Dear Sir, I applied for a new telephone connection for installation at my above residential address on your prescribed application form which was registered vides your registration No. ____________, ____________ (Date). I regret to inform you that although more than two months have already elapsed no action has yet been taken by your department for installation of the telephone connection for which I have been facing immense problem. As I understand it does not take more than ____________ (Days) to install new telephone connection after the application is made under any circumstances, but in the instance case it has been delayed abnormally for the reason best known to you.

I would, therefore, request you to enquire into the matter personally as to where my application has been struck off and arrange immediate installation of telephone connection, as already applied for. I am confident; I will not be given any opportunity to remind you again on the subject. Thanking you, Yours faithfully,(Your Name)


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