Letter participants to understand and work without

Letter of Recommendation I have known VINAMRAJAIN as his professor and project coordinator in Department of Electronicsand Telecommunication Engineering. I have taught him ‘Microprocessor andMicrocontroller’ and ‘Telecommunication switching systems’.

I found him to be well attentive in my lectures and capableof high academic potential. He performed very well and maintained above 70% in allthe subjects I taught him. His approach is very logical and his nature to learnmore gives him an edge to gain more thorough knowledge of the subject.

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Anothercharacteristic he possess is his imagination which he use well to figure manyaspects of the subject for better understanding.I have been a project guide to VINAMRA JAIN in one of his project namely “Gesture controlled bot”and found his interest in programming and circuitry while guiding him to usebest of his ability. He has a tenacious nature to notgive up and keep working hard until he completes his target. His simplethinking allows him to think through the problem and come up with an effectivesolution. The fact that he had very little knowledge as per the requirement ofthe project at the time he started the project and even then he managed tocomplete the project satisfactorily shows his ability to research and learnfast.

Apart from academics he also showed interest in culturalactivities and was the Head of AAYAAM 2k17 core committee which was the collegeannual fest and co-ordinated by me. He worked well with the team and has shownleadership skills and is capable to listen and handle people. His way ofworking was efficient and transparent enough with simplicity baked inside whichmade it easy for his team members and participants to understand and workwithout problems. Also his ability to tackle problems and presence of mindmakes him a good fit in a team.He come across to be a confident student and is amicable.

Heshows no hesitation in talking to faculty members and his seniors andclassmates to clarify his doubts and gain more knowledge. He shows interest inlearning not only about topics in his curriculum but also new innovations andrelated researches and has approached me several times regarding his interestsand seeking knowledge.I have known VINAMRAJAIN and observed him very closely, I have full faith in him that he hasthe potential for higher studies and his skills in both technical andmanagerial fields makes him a great student. I highly recommend him foradmission in your graduate program with suitable merit based financial support. 


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