Since (Friend Name), a very close friend of

Since my only son, with his family has moved to another place of residence provided by his employers, I find this house too large to maintain and expensive as well. Now, my wife and I are left here. Therefore, I would very much like to sublet the ground floor and the outhouse.

There is ____________ (Friend Name), a very close friend of mine, a perfect gentleman on a very senior position in a government department. He is in search of a better and more spacious accommodation than he has at present. He would very much like to move to this house on the ground floor and give the outhouse to his maid-servant. As such, I need your written permission to sublet, and very much hope to get the same at the earliest.

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I would have moved to a cheaper and smaller house, but as you know I have spent most of my life here, and so have developed an emotional attachment to this house. I look forward to your immediate and favourable reply. With best wishes and regards.

Yours sincerely,(Your Name)


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