I becoming more and more difficult to

I would like to say that you have been my tenant in the above- quoted premises for the last about seven years. At the time of your occupying my premises you had verbally assured me that after five years of stay you will have no objection to increase the rent by ____________ per cent to help me offset the increased cost of maintenance and taxes etc, Now two years have passed since the increase became due and I have spoken to you once or twice indirectly. The situation that transpires now is such that it is becoming more and more difficult to make do with the original rent of ____________ (Amount) per month. The maintenance costs have raised manifold and so have the taxes. I, therefore, request you to-agree to increase the rent by ____________ (Amount) p.m.

in accordance with your promise although it is quite inadequate offset the rising expenses. You will agree that I have given you a lovely time to think after the increase became due and it is no time for me! Demand the extra money. Please let me know when I shall meet you” formalise the fresh arrangement. With best regards, Yours/ faithfully, (Landlord Name)

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Sample Reply Letter to Landlord ‘Accepting Increase in Rent’

To(Name)(Address)(Date) Dear (Name), In response to your kind letter dated ____________. I have to say that I have no objection to a ____________ (Amount) increase in the rent for premises occupied by me with effect from ____________ (Date). I am, therefore, sending a cheque for ____________ (Amount) as rent for this month and hope you will find this in order.

There is no need for a formal finalisation of the fresh arrangement as desired by you, although you are always welcome to visit us any time. May I hope this increase will remain effective for the next five years during which you will please ask for no more? Please acknowledge receipt. Thanking you, Yours faithfully, (Tenant Name)


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