A 9. This caution is mandatory seeing the

A few lines in reply would be highly appreciated. Thanking you, Yours faithfully, (Your Name)

Sample Sentences

Start by Enlisting Help

1. Kindly help in checking the antecedents of (Name) an employee.

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2. I would like to have a confirmed verification of…. 3. This is to verify if (Name) is working in your esteemed organisation. 4. Please establish the particulars of….

State the Reason


He is keen to take my apartment on rent. 6. He has shown his interest to lease my flat.

7. He wishes to share my accommodation as a paying guest.

State you? Position

8. These happened to be a nasty dispute last time I rented my flat, hence this precaution. 9. This caution is mandatory seeing the law and order problem today.

10. Our society bye laws require this verification.

Close on a Positive Note

11. I would appreciate your co-operation. 12. I request you to keep this correspondence confidential. 13.

I shall be grateful for your reply.


I'm Mary!

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