In you vacated the house within a fortnight.

In our last meeting you had agreed to vacate the house within ____________ (Day) days on the condition that I shall not press you in making the payment of arrears towards rent for the last ____________ (Month).

I had agreed to forgo the rent for ____________ (Month) provided you vacated the house within a fortnight. But since then a full ____________ (Day) days period has elapsed and still you have not vacated the house. You have been a defaulter in payment of rent and then you have not vacated the house as mutually agreed. In these circumstances, how can you expect me to keep my part of our mutual agreement of forgoing rent for the last ____________ (Month)? There is still time for you to see reason. I give you another____________ (Day) days to vacate the house, after which I shall be constrained to take legal action against you to recover my dues and to get the house vacated. I hope you would be reasonable and respond favourably.

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