A above minor. I also undertake to

A fixed deposit No. ____________ for ____________ (Amount) maturing on ____________ (Date) stands in the ____________ (Name) who is my ____________ (Relation) and for whom I am the guardian.

Since I have fallen in need of funds for ____________ (Name) admission to ____________ (School Name) in ____________ (Std.), I request you to kindly grant a loan of ____________ (Amount) to me as the guardian of the minor against the security of the above deposit. I may assure you that the loan granted to me will be wholly utilized for the benefit of the above minor.

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I also undertake to make good any loss that you may incur by way of any claim by or on behalf of the minor resulting from this loan. I am prepared to fill any form or do any other formalities which you may consider necessary, both in my capacity as the guardian of the minor and in my own personal capacity. Please advise me on the subject as soon as possible. Thanking you, Yours faithfully,(Your Name)


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