____________ dishonoured cheque. I do not understand

____________ (Name) and Company have informed me that you refused payment of my cheque No. ____________ dated ____________ for ____________ (Amount) against my Current account No. ____________ with you. The remark given on the back of my cheque read “effects not yet cleared”. I think your remark means that the ____________ (No.

of Cheques) deposited by me as back as ____________ (Date) had not been realised by you. Incidentally the amount of these cheques was more than sufficient to cover the dishonoured cheque. I do not understand why all the ____________ (No. of Cheques) have remained unrealised despite over a fortnight’s time given to you and how is it that you have neither credited the sum in my account nor returned to me the unrealised cheques, if any. It seems that there is something wrong somewhere. I request you to please look into this matter and inform me accordingly. A dishonoured cheque is more than a humiliation to me for no fault of mine. Yours faithfully, (Name)(Address)Dated __________

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Reply to Customer about Dishonoured Cheque

(Bank Name)(Address) Dear (Name), Re.

: C/A No. ____________ with us We are in receipt of your letter dated ____________ and regret that we had to return your cheque unpaid. It seems that before you deposited the ____________ (No. of Cheques) for realisation, you missed to note that all of them were post-dated.

None could be sent realisation before ____________ (Date) and credited to your account before that date. We are anxious to honour your cheque by allowing you an overdraft. But since there was no such arrangement with you beforehand, we had no alternative to doing what we did. We hope you will realise our difficulty in this respect. Incidentally the sum has been by now collected by us and you may ask ____________ (Name) to resubmit the cheque to us.

We assure you our efficient service at all times. Yours faithfully, (Your Name)Branch Manager Dated __________


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