I a discussion with your boss, ____________ (Name),

I have been directed by General Manager (Personnel) to inform you about your strange habits in the office. I also had a discussion with your boss, ____________ (Name), in this regard on ____________ (Date) We have observed that you have not been attending the office regularly. Further, you are also coming late to the office, at about 10:30 AM. We have noted this delay on ____________ (Date)May in particular. Further, when you were asked, by ____________ (Name), you could not give a satisfactory explanation. At your desk, pending work is piling up.

You have not worked properly during the entire month of May and eleven days of the first half of the month June. Reports are not being routed to concerned departments this has led to chaos in the entire organisation. You open a file, read it for some time and close it without taking any requisite action. You switch on the computer and start playing games on it. You do not bother whether your colleagues are disturbed but you continue to waste your time in useless chores. You never take a pen in your hand and even if you do, you draw caricatures and write poetry. Further, you were granted a hefty increment of ____________ (Amount).

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At that time, your performance was excellent and there was no backlog of files on your desk. You have virtually been sitting over the file of ____________ (Company name) and not releasing their payments. I think you owe us an explanation. We would be pleased if you explain the causes (and possible remedies) for this problem latest by ____________ (Date) if you could not satisfy the Personnel Department, a harsh punitive action is likely to be taken against you.

Thanking you, Yours faithfully, (Manager Name)


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