We to be present in the bank at

We are in receipt of your letter dated ____________ informing loss of key of your above locker.

Assuring you that we have taken prompt steps against authorised opening of your locker, we state that breaking it open and hanging the locking mechanism will require you to deposit a fee of ____________ (Amount) to meet the expenses to be incurred. This is a tentative charge and appropriate adjustments (claim/refund) will be-made at the time of filial settlement depending on the amount the manufacturers of the lockers charges us. Please send us your cheque in advance. We have contacted the manufacturers on the phone and their finance will call at the bank on ____________ (Date) At ____________ (Time), for breaking open the locker. You are, therefore, requested to confirm immediately if you can arrange to be present in the bank at that time so we can arrange to be present in the bank at that time so that we can further confirm the arrangement with the manufacturers. You are to suggest any other time or date which suits you.

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Thanking you, Yours faithfully, ____________ (Name) Branch Manager. ____________ (Date)


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