Re.: immediate payment of the overdue installments with

Re.: Overdue loan installment I draw your attention to the unpaid fifth and sixth installments in respect of your loan of ____________ (Amount) outstanding in our books.

You have been paying your loan installment till now in time and there was no cause for sending any reminder. Now since two installments have fallen due and our reminders remain without response from you, we are worried as to the reason for this inaction on your part. We presume that it must be some circumstance beyond your control that is withholding our payment but in any case a line from you would have enlightened us and know the exact reason also.

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Normally we do not take so long in taking adios against a defaulter, but your past record of prompt payment goes in your favour and we still prefer to send as another reminder. Please, therefore, make immediate payment of the overdue installments with overdue interest amounting to ____________ (Amount) or inform as to your intentions. We always believe in co-operating with our customers and accept any genuine difficulty as the valid reason for withholding dues and give extra time for making payments. Yours faithfully, (Your Name)Branch Manager Dated ____________


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