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The name of your hotel has been recommended by a friend of mine who had the opportunity to enjoy your hospitality when he visited ____________ (Place) last year with his family. I would be in your city on a holiday tour with my family next month. I would like to know if you could provide accommodation for a small family of ____________ (No.

of Persons) persons including ____________ (No. of Children) children aged ____________ and ____________ respectively for ____________ days beginning from ____________ (Date). Our requirement is one large twin-bedded room, preferably on ____________ floor. If you can provide the above accommodation please send me immediately your tariff rates for full board so that I may order for the reservation of accommodation in your hotel. Yours faithfully,(Your Name)

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Reply to the Above

Dear (Name), Thank you for your letter of enquiry about hotel accommodation dated ____________. It gives me great pleasure to state that the desired accommodation is available for ____________ days beginning ____________ (Date). I am enclosing a brochure giving full details of charges of our hotel.

I hope you will give us an opportunity to welcome and serve you here in ____________ (Place). But you should send your order for reservation at the earliest as the bookings for October-November are always heavy and I would never like you to be disappointed. Yours faithfully,(Your Name)


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