Letter were regularly sent by the traders and

   Letter of RecommendationI was Abhinay’s direct manager from June 2014 till December 2015, as the Project Manager in A.

T.Reddy & Co, Visakhapatnam and interacted with him daily. The IT team had four members in Visakhapatnam, with Abhinay supporting the material procurement process and his colleagues supporting the information technology part of the whole process.

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Abhinay was hired to help with reporting and analyzing performance metrics such as developing tools and parameters to track the material supply at various sites, but he has taken the initiative to proactively increase his responsibilities like generating alternative sources and methods of procurement and also now acts as the point of contact for some major projects that involve multiple teams. His inquisitiveness and enthusiasm to understand the nuances of his work make him stand out. Abhinay is a strong leader, has good analytical skills and is a good team player. Of his own initiative, he took up reports that were regularly sent by the traders and automated them to save time and reduce effort, freeing up valuable bandwidth for the team, when there was a hiring freeze. Abhinay noticed that there were a few companies that were supposed to be traded by the Emerging Market Credit Trading desk but were not being covered due to a lack of financial information and research reports. He took ownership of getting these companies under the desks purview by analysing the companies, preparing financial summaries and updating the desk of material changes regularly. This enabled the traders to pick up on these companies quickly and incorporate them into the firm’s offerings, increasing the firms covered by the desk by 15%.Abhinay has a simple way of explaining complex products and abstract ideas, using analogies and examples to explain an occasionally difficult concept.

He initiated a “Learn at my Desk” series where he explained his work to colleagues from other parts of the business. This enabled the other team members to approach him with questions, and also allowed him to reach out to them for collaboration. He was able to effectively articulate the technical parts of his work to laymen in the audience as well. His talk helped spark interest in colleagues to expand the initiative to other teams as well.

Abhinay has always been a strong technical person, and has been comfortable with using data to make decisions. His data first approach is a strong one and he regularly supplements his trade ideas with relevant charts to ensure the full picture is taken into consideration, simplifying the client pitches for the sales team. This helped increase the sales rate for these pitches by 20% last year. For A.T.REDDY & CO.,   A.

Manohar ReddyProject Manager,Site-B, SBC,Visakhapatnam – 530008.


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